Fashion Lovers!

Hello Dolls!


Welcome to fashionfixoxo, the perfect blog for girls wanting to gain more knowledge in the fashion world. As we all know there are many fashion blogs out their, some the same, others very different. So what is fashionfixoxo and what makes it different from other blogs?

Fashionfixoxo is a blog where I will be posting pictures of my styled outfits and adding detail about where my outfits can be bought from. I am a huge Pinterest girl, but the worst thing about Pinterest is when  you find a fab top and search all over the internet only to find it, literally no where! I want to inform girls on where to find the newest trends at both a top-notch and affordable price. I also want to inform you all about the trends that are going out of style or won’t last very long.

Other things you can expect to see on my blog are recipes, events, and all things beauty. I’m so excited to start this adventure with all of you and share things that I am truly passionate about. If you have any suggestions on posts just comment below!

xoxo Ashley


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