Swimsuits and Safety

I wanted to do a post for you girls about some of my favorite bikinis for the 2014 season and where they’re from. I also wanted to tell you about my favorite tanning oils and my favorite sunscreens. We all love to lay out and get tan, but it’s also very important to keep your skin safe and use SPF. With out further a due, here’s swimsuit number one!


Swimsuit number one was bought from Nordstrom. The top was $23 and the bottoms were $22, what a deal!! I love the braiding on the hot pink bikini top. I also love the fringe on the bikini bottom strings. Little things like these make swimsuits very unique and stand out. The material that the swimsuit is made of is very soft and comfortable. The strings on both the top and bottom are long enough to where you can tie it loose or tight. Theirs nothing that I hate more than buying a brand new bikini and then the swimsuit top strings are super short and I’m practically suffocating wearing it. Anyone else?! Image

Swimsuit number 2! So as many of you I am an Instagram fanatic. I follow a ton of swimsuit pages, fashion, pages, and pages of trendy boutiques. I found this swimsuit from the companies Instagram page. I must say it has now become one of my favorite swimsuits! They are a bit pricier than the Nordstrom swimsuit, but well worth it. The company is called Triangl swimwear and is based in Australia. They have tons of super unique and trendy suits that I have never seen in stores before. After shipping and tax my total for this suit came out to $100. Here’s a link to their website so you can go check them out! http://www.triangl.com



Along with your swimsuit purchase comes a matching bag to carry your swimsuit and tanning lotions in!


Swimsuit number 3! Swimsuit number three was bought from Have Faith Swimgerie. The designers of this brand happen to be my two idols, Jennifer Stano and Lilly Ghalichi. In total this swimsuit cost $100 as well. The material looks like denim, but feels super soft and comfortable to wear. I absolutely love the rushed bottoms on this piece. It defiantly shows a little more butt than the average suit, but I love the way it looks! Here’s the link to their site if you’re interested in purchasing, they have tons of amazing and unique designs. http://www.havefaith.com



Even the stunning Kim Kardashian loves this suit!

Swimsuit number 4, the final suit! 

Who doesn’t love a good Victoria Secret swimsuit! They have such a huge selection and their styles are always on par with the latest trends. This swimsuit pictures is one from last season, but its one of my favorites that I own from them. I love the huge jewel that’s in the center of the top. The green bottoms paired with the white top make me look pretty tan! This one I believe was $80 but again this is an old swimsuit, so I don’t think it’s available anymore.



So now that we have talked about my favorite swimsuits of the season so far, let get in to the safety part. I am like every other girl out there; I want to be tan, NOW! If that means getting burned to death than I’m ok with it as long as I’m tan. As I got older I started to understand the dangers of not using sunscreen and getting burnt to often. One of the most obvious ones is skin cancer, but constantly allowing your skin to burn can lead to sunspots, wrinkles, and can make you age faster. Here are a few pictures of what has happened to people who choose to tan with no sunscreen.


This is what can happen to your skin over the years if you choose to not use sunscreen. As you can see the woman was wrinkle free on the right and just a few years later has multiple wrinkles.


Here is the second picture of what sunspots look like. Sunspots can occur all over the body and can happen in cluster like the picture shown above. They are very unattractive and hard to get ride of. The only way to remove sunspots is by getting them laser removed or covering them up with makeup. Obviously laser removal can be very pricy and no one wants to try and cover up a bunch of sunspots on their back with makeup. So after many product trial and errors I have finally found my strategy to getting the perfect glow while being safe. At the beginning of the summer when its around 80 degrees outside, I will spray banana boat oil on my skin with no SPF in it. This helps give my skin a nice glow and fast. I rarely use this stuff because it has no SPF and you can burn VERY easy. As the days get hotter I start tanning with Maui Babe tanning lotion. This stuff is basically gold I’m obsessed. Once I have reached my desired tan, I start to use my Neutrogena SPF spray to stay safe from the rays. I still get tan when I’m outside, but I don’t get burnt and I keep my skin healthy and safe. Look below for the three products I just mentioned and where to get them.


If you have never tried Maui Babe then you HAVE to buy it!! This is the perfect tanning lotion for anyone who wants to get super dark super fast. You have to order this online, as they don’t carry it in stores. It’s a little pricy compared to banana boat, but its well worth the price. I bought both the tanning lotion and the after tan lotion. The after tan lotion really helps keep my fresh tan intact and keeps me from peeling if I got to much sun. Here’s a link to their website! https://www.mauibabe.com


This Banana Boat tanning oil works better than most tanning oils on the market. You have to be very carful though because its very strong and you can burn very easy. This stuff is a lot cheaper than Maui Babe and a lot easier accessible. You can buy this at Wal-Mart, CVS, or Target for $10-12


So lets be honest, sunscreen can be a bitch to apply, which is why most of us don’t. I have tried many different sunscreens and have finally found one that I absolutely love. The Neutrogena ultra sheer body mist sunblock is amazing. Not only does it worth perfectly, it goes on easier than tanning lotion! All you do is spray a light about all over your body, no need to rub it in. I love that I can just spray this on and not get my hands all oily like I do with tanning oil. This amazing product can be bought from Target or Ulta for between$8-10.

Thanks for reading dolls! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and check out all these fab swimsuits and products.

XOXO Ashley

2 thoughts on “Swimsuits and Safety

  1. What sizes did you get in the Have Faith Bikini? I’m going to purchase it, but not sure which to get!

    1. I’m normally a size small in swimsuits both top and bottom, but with this company I had to get a medium. The ruched butt makes the bottoms a little tighter. Hope this helps!:)

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