High waisted shorts

I Love high waisted shorts and this pair does not disappoint! The acid washed look makes the shorts stand out. They are so comfortable and hide your ass from sticking out, which is always a major bonus. No one likes ass cheeks hanging out ladies! 






My acid washed shorts are from TOPSHOP $35 on sale =)

My coco made me poor shirt is from Love Culture $15

Earrings are from Chanel, I believe the 2012 collection

Shoes are from Nordstrom and the brand is Sole Society $80

I also wanted to let all my lovers know that I’m doing a HUGE giveaway! The giveaway starts today June 13th and will end next friday June 20th. The winner will receive two Mac cosmetics eyeshadows of their choice and one Mac cosmetics lipstick of their choice. They will ALSO receive a $25 Starbucks gift card. So how do you enter this amazing giveaway may you ask? You go to my Instagram link on my blog and follow the instructions. I would love to get a lot of people to enter this giveaway, so please spread the word!

XOXO Ashley

4 thoughts on “High waisted shorts

  1. You look beautiful! and what you’re wearing is so cool 😀

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