Tom ford and Chanel lipsticks

lipstick pic #1

Happy Saturday, Dolls! 

Summer is right around the corner, so I decided to do a post on some of my favorite lipstick colors! Two of my all time favorite brands are Tom Ford and Chanel. The Tom ford lipsticks are some of my favorite because of how smoothly the go on your lips and they last for hours! These are more on the higher end and run about $50 each. The Chanel lipsticks are my second favorite. They also go on very smooth and last even longer than Tom Ford does. These lipsticks run for about $35 each.

lipstick #2

Lipstick number one is from Tom Ford and is called true coral. This color is AMAZING for summer! The color is a blend between red, pink, and orange.

true coral

lipstick #3

Pink dusk

The second Tom Ford lipstick is Pink Dust and is one of my absolute favorite colors!  The color is a very mild pink and i normally run it across my lips a few times to give it even more of a pink look. If I could only buy one lipstick from Tom Ford this would be up there on my list.

lipstick #4

For all my nude lipstick loving babes, this is the best one by far!! Again another Tom Ford lipstick in the color Nude Vanilla. This color nude goers on perfectly and stays on for HOURS! it took me years looking for the best nude lipstick and this is by far the best one I have found.

lipstick #5

Casa blanca

My last Tom Ford lipstick is called Casa Blanca. It’s a very subtle burgundy and pink blend that I wear almost every day to work. I like that this color can be worn every day both for work, or going out.

Lipstick #6

la romansque

La Romanesque by Chanel is such a beautiful rich burgundy color that I love wearing over summer. I normally wear this color when I’m going out and pair it with an all black or all white outfit. It really adds a great pop to your overall look and lasts all night! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun darker lipstick.

lipstick #7

la petillante

The last lipstick color I love is called La Petillante from Chanel. It’s a beautiful rich red that lasts on my lips all day with out me needing to apply more. There are of course so many red lipstick out there and many of them are a lot cheaper than $36. This one is amazing though and I would defenately recommend it!

Thanks so much for reading my post loves! Hope you all have an amazing Saturday

XOXO, Ashley

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