At home facials for acne prone skin

ACNE! we’ve all struggled with it at some point in our life and nothing can be worse. You have a big vaction coming up and you wake up with the ugliest big red pimple on your face. Nothing is worse than trying to battle acne and thats why I decided to do this blog post about some at home facial products that can really transform your skin. I myself struggled with acne when I was a teenager and now in my 20’s I am struggling to get rid of the scars that were left behind. I have tried so many different products on the market and it has taken me years to figure out how my skin reacts to certain products and the ingredients in them. Let me first say that EVERYONE has different skin, so something that may work amazing for me might make your skin even worse. The products I am about to show you have been proven to work for a large majority of people, giving them the gorgeous skin they’ve always dreamed of.

Facials by a professional can get very expensive costing anywhere between $80-300. They also have to be done religiously for them to have an effect on your skin (about every two weeks) so that cost is just not possibly for a lot of people. I started doing my own at home facials and noticed a huge difference in my skin just from buying a few additional products and adding an extra few minutes to my day and night face routine.

So lets get to it! 🙂


Boscia is an at home facial peeling mask that helps to remove dirt from your pores and also absorbs any excess oil that is left on your skin. The mask comes out black and you apply a thin and even layer all over your face. Make sure to keep the mask away from any hair on your face such as eyebrows, eyes, and hairline. After you apply the mask leave it on for about thirty minutes. peel the mask off and you are left with soft skin and minimized pores. I have used this product for about a year now and it makes such a huge difference in my skin. I normally use it twice a week and put it on when I’m watching tv, cooking, or taking a bath. Products like these tend to steer people away because you have to leave them on for such a lengthy period of time, but I promise you the end result is well worth it. This is a great products for people who wear a lot of heavy foundation causing there pores to clog and acne to form. You can find this product at Sephora for $34 and it last me about three months and that’s with me using it twice a week. Click the link below for more information on this mask.

Boscia luminizing black mask




The next product that I want to talk about is the Lush fresh face masks. If any of my reads have never tried Lush before please go check out there site, I will post a link below. Lush has products that are all natural and fresh leaving out any chemicals that can harm your skin causing it to become worse. This is a company that I stand behind 100% and feel that anyone can find a product with them that they love. The fresh face masks can not be purchased online and must be purchased in the store. This is because the products need to be refrigerated at all times and can not be sent in the mail in the heat. You can however purchase many of there masks online such as there self preserving masks that also work fantastic. I use these masks about once a week and it has really made a difference with my acne scars. If you have skin that is red, has acne scars, or just want to put a little on an existing pimple to make it less noticeable this is the product for you. Not only are there products amazing but they are so affordable! The fresh face masks cost around $7 or $24 for a large tub. I am on my third month with these two masks above and still have over half left in each one.

Lush fresh face mask



The mask of all masks, SK-II! If you haven’t used one of these masks before it’s a must try. The only negative about this mask is the price. One mask is $17 and can only be used a maximum of three times before in needs to be thrown away. A little tip is to get them off eBay for cheaper! I’ve seen people sell packs of three for $24. This mask comes in the foil packed already pre soaked in the facial cleanser. Take the mask out of the foil package and place it over the eye are first smoothing it down over the rest of the skin. It says to leave it on for about fifteen minutes, but I normally do thirty. Once finished place the mask back in the foil. make sure it is COMPLETELY closed and stick it in the fridge. I find that the mask is just as moist on the second use as it is on the first. By the third use the mask is a lot drier, but you can still get a good mini facial from it. You won’t see results immediately, but the next morning your skin will be glowing and hydrated like never before! I am so in love with all the products from SK-II and I would recommend anything from there line, but start with the mask first and go from there.

SK-II mask


The last product I want to talk about actually isn’t a mask at all, but it’s something i like to add in after I’m done masking. The Tatcha classic rice enzyme powder is a very gentle exfoliator that helps to get rid of acne and bright up the skin. This is a powder exfoliator rather than a cream which might seem a little strange. The product looks like baking soda, but quickly forms in to an exfoliant with added water. Place a 1/2 teaspoon of the products on wet hands and massage it all over a wet face. You do not need to massage this product on your face for any longer than ten seconds. then wash off, dry, and your face is left feeling like a baby butt!…. no but really lol it is AMAZING! I use this product both morning and night to remove an excess makeup that may have gotten trapped in my pores. Again this is another expensive purchase, but Sephora does carry a small travel size which is pictured above for $15. You can purchase the small size to see if you like it before purchasing the larger size for $65. The Tatcha website also offers this product with free no hassle returns and free return shipping! This company not only has amazing products, but they also have amazing customer service which is why I will forever be a customer. Many exfoliants irritate my skin and the beads are too big and harsh. The beads in this product are very small, so small you might not even realize it’s an exfoliator. Thats why this is a perfect product for every day use.

Tatcha at Sephora

The Tatcha website

I truly hope everyone loved this blog post and can gain some new product knowledge that can help there skin. Please let me know if you enjoyed this post and any other posts you might be interested in seeing!

XOXO Ashley

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