Lulu’s duster

Hello, Dolls!

Today I’m doing a blog post on an affordable outfit that is still very fashion forward. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends when your on a tight budget. I put together a really fun outfit that won’t cost more than $100! I love shopping at places like forever 21 or H&M and getting simple clothing pieces that I put together with items from my closet that are a little more expensive. It make it look like you’re wearing a $200 jacket when it was really only $30!







This beautiful jacket is from forever 21 and when dressed up you probably could never tell. Not to mention it was only $30 so what a steal!

My shoes are from lulu’s and were also only $30 these are probably the most comfortable wedges that I own and the detail is so gorgeous.

My black dress is from revolve clothing and was $30

My necklace is from Barney’s New York from a few years back and is $150

XOXO Ashley

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