Ouai haircare

There is no Ouai that you haven’t heard about Ouai Haircare and if you haven’t you need to continue to read this post to learn about how amazing it is! I’ve been coloring my hair since I was fourteen years old. I started out going bleach blond from my natural golden brown color, from there I went to dark brown, and from there I started highlighting and experimenting with my hair. So obviously my poor innocent hair has been through hell and back. Anyone who has ever colored their hair before knows that the first five to ten colors are awesome! Theres no noticeable damage, your hair feels soft and amazing, and it looks great! As time goes on and you color your hair more it begins to break down and become brittle. The ends become exreamly dry and for me personally, my hair got very frizzy. I have done numerous treatment masks, deep conditionings, and even stopped coloring my hair for awhile to give it a break. Sadly my hair needs a treatment almost every day because of how over processed it is. Jen Atkin, who is a stylists to many celebrities the most well known being the Kardashians, just came out with her own haircare line called Ouai. Ouai if you don’t know is pronounced Way. Its Jens baby that she has developed and created over the years. I purchased two products from the brand to start to see what the quality was like. The first product I purchased was the Ouai treatment mask

Ouai treatment mask


I bought this treatment mask to see If it would benefit my hair in a Ouai that other products had not. The directions say to leave on for 5-10 minutes, but I decided to lather that puppy on and sleep in it all night. I woke up the next morning, washed my hair, and for the first time in what feels like years I was able to run my hands through my hair and feel soft silky locks! To be honest my expectations were low because other products I have tried did little to nothing for my hair. Five days later my hair still feels just as soft and smooth as it did when I first washed it. The mask is $32 and comes with eight little treatment mask packs. One whole pack will adequately cover short to medium length hair. If you have longer hair you may have to use two packs to be able to distribute the product evenly. My review so far after using this product two times is two thumbs up, five stars, it’s the holy grail of hair masks! Not to mention it smells like I’m in Hawaii on the beach with a mojito. The second product I purchased from her line is the texturizing hair spray.

Ouai texturizing hair spray


The description of the product is “It’s like dry shampoo and hair spray had a baby”      -Jen Atkin and it couldn’t be more accurate. I’m a dry shampoo addict. Washing your hair every day is really bad for you because it strips the hair of all its natural oils. Also if you wash it every day and then one day go with out washing it, you hair looks extra greasy. Using hairspray can make that difficult because it tends to be very heavy on the hair making it to where you have to wash it. This product is the shit! excuse my french, but damn it’s good. The hairspray aspect of it is perfect because it holds what it needs to hold, but It’s not so heavy that you have to wash it out immediately. The dry shampoo works wonders and reminds me a lot of the dry shampoo Oribe. Both are fantastic, this ones just better.


So my over all opinion of the company so far? Amazing! great products, reasonable prices, and fast shipping. I can honestly say that this is my go to brand of choice for hair care products right now. On the agenda next? buy every other product from them that I don’t already own!! I would like to finish this post my saying I am in no Ouai affiliated with this company and I am not posting this as an AD for money. I know it can be difficult these days deciphering what blog reviews on products are real and what ones are just endorsed. If I ever am doing an ad or a review for a company I will honestly state that in my post. I will also not promote any products that I myself do not stand behind or whole heartedly love! If you guys are interested in checking out Ouai haircare I will leave the link to the site below. Have an amazing week, dolls!

xoxo Ashley

Ouai Haircare




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