Alfred Tea Room

Happy day after Fourth of July to all you beautiful people. I hope you all had an amazing and safe day yesterday. Todays blog post is on the newest and cutest tea room, Alfred. For those of you who don’t know it is the sister store to Alfred Coffee. They have various different coffee locations throughout the Los Angles area that are all very popular. In an effort to satisfy customer needs and branch out to a new customer base, Alfred coffee decided to open a tea room. The tea room is located on Melrose avenue, just a block away from the Alfred coffee location also on Melrose. The Tea room opened in May and since then has had nothing but amazing success. So far there is only one store location, but I predict more opening up in the near future. The whole theme is pink and girly, so naturally I’m obsessed.

Alfred_Tea_Room_7_embedThe front of the store is precious with pink tile and black Alfred Tea Room text on the wall.


The side wall has their I love you so Matcha etched on it. This is a perfect place to grab an Instagram worthy photo.

o-1The Menu inside gives you options for both hot tea and iced tea. You can also add Boba to your tea, which of course makes me even more obsessed with this place than I already am.

oThis is the inside view of the entrance and front counter.

AlfredTea-4Make sure to browse their cute merchandise! I had to buy one of these tea yes.You, maybe mugs. They also have tumblers, cards, loose leaf tea, and gift cards to purchase.

AlfredTea-6Once your finished browsing and taking snapchats of this cute little place head on over to the bar and grab your delicious drink!


Iced green tea Matcha with Boba is what I got and I would highly recommend it! I find that boba can sometimes be to sweet, which overpowers the rest of the drink. The boba at Alfred is amazing! Another little tip is that drinks are around $8 and they don’t accept cash!


705 N Alfred St, Los Angeles, CA 90069

Open Monday-Sunday from 9am-7pm

Hope you all have a great rest of your week! If you aren’t already please make sure to follow me on Instagram @fashionfixoxoblog and subscribe to my blog to receive email notifications when a new blog post is up!

XOXO Ashley


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