Museum of ice cream

Calling all BASICS (yeah myself included)! The museum of ice cream has hit Los Angeles and everyone and their grandma is trying to snag tickets. The museum travels to different large cities for a few months at a time. They originally started in New York and will be in Los Angeles until October. Let me start by saying, this is not your average museum. There is no information about ice cream, and there is no information about the sculptures. Simply put, it’s a museum for all the pink loving gals to go and take a thousand Instagram worthy photos. A bonus is the fact that they give you some free ice cream. Don’t be fooled, the ice cream was probably given out to keep the boyfriends entertained while they take our pictures.


Tickets to the museum cost $29 each and I think it was a pretty reasonable price. DO NOT buy tickets off of Craigslist! At least one person has to have an id that matches the name on the tickets. If you don’t have an id to match they won’t let you in. A lot of people are selling tickets on Craigslist for $100 each and saying you can get in without an id. Trust me I tried, it doesn’t work. The only way this works is if you have the person send you a photo of their id to show the workers checking tickets, or have them walk you in to the museum. Sadly, tickets are sold out at the moment and the museum hasn’t announced whether or not they will release anymore. MOVING ON! when you get there you’ll enter in groups of 10-15 people to ensure that each room doesn’t get too crowded.

IMG_0253.jpgWhen you first walk in the doors you’ll see this gram worthy wall and a cute dove cart. Reach your hand in and grab out a piece of dove chocolate. REMEMBER! you can stay in each room of the museum for as long as you want, but once you go forward you can’t go back again. This first room is a little stressful to try to get pictures in, but just wait and be patient. Everyone is rushing in like a bunch of bratty adults trying to take their pictures first. Relax and enjoy the museum because honestly, you didn’t pay $29 to do the thing in twenty minutes.


IMG_0249.jpgThis is my “take the damn picture fast cause people are pushy.” face

Once you’re done with that room, head through the big pink door in to the door of pink telephones.



So this room is very hard to take pictures in because the lighting is a little funky. Some of the phones are hard to work and it’s hard to hear. I know it’s Seth Rogans voice saying something about ice cream, but that’s about all I got. Once you’re finished in here, go through the next pink door to the area that looks like the Hollywood walk of fame and Venice.






This is a fun room for pictures because there is a lot of space for people to spread out. This is also where you will get your first ice cream sample!

caroom.jpgThe flavor of ice cream you get depends on the day that you go. I got a salted caramel ice cream from Salt and straw. Also keep in mind that you have to finish each ice cream sample in the room that you receive it before moving ahead. The next room you enter has a long line, so be patient and prepared to wait.

IMG_0275.jpgIt’s The banana swing! Can you guess what celebrity was in the tour group at the museum and right in front of the on the banana swing?! DRUM ROLL!………


RUBY ROSE! The swing is perfect for a boomerang, so be nice to the people behind you and ask for a picture!


After the banana room comes the mint room




You will get your second ice cream sample of a mint chocolate chip moche. A fun fact about this room, the mint plants are growing in cocoa soil!


I’m assumed this room was the sherbert room, but I’m not sure. The decorations were really cute though and I liked the claw game that they added to it. Around the corner from this room you can take a boomerang on their wall camera and email it to yourself.


The popsicle room was super cool, but nothing crazy. I just snapped a quick picture and moved forward.



The gummy bear room is where you will get your next sample! This time it’s not ice cream, it’s a hand full of gummy bears!



Moving forward from there you go in to the room of…. black ice cream? it was ice cream made with charcoal…. yuck. seriously though this tasted like my five-year old play dough days and I wasnt having any of it. Finally after all the rooms you finish off in the SPRINKLE POOL!! This is the only room that you have a time limit in, so have your poses in mind and get your cameras ready. I want to say the time limit was three minutes per group, but I could be wrong. The sprinkles were also not real, they’re plastic so don’t freak out… and don’t eat them.




This was a super cool experience “swimming” in sprinkles, but they do get in some dark…dark places. I found sprinkles in my laundry a week after going to the museum, so that was a fun time. Once you finish in the sprinkle pool, you head to the end of the museum where you get your final ice cream treat.



It’s an ice cream sandwich that is made of pink pancakes! Yes, this was the best treat out of all of them. You can sit and enjoy the final treat in the gift shop area. There’s an ice cream sandwhich swing, ping-pong table, and merchandise to purchase in case the pictures weren’t enough.




I hope you dolls enjoyed this posted!

XOXO Ashley

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