Malibu Wines


Wine, sunshine, and………Giraffes! What more could a person ask for. If this placed had macaroons I would have just died right there and gone to heaven. This is seriously such an amazing place that everyone needs to go to. Here’s a little tip DON’T BRING THE KIDS! Malibu wine safari is owned by, you guessed it, Malibu wines. The safari has a shuttle that takes you over to the winery after your done with your tour, or you can hit the winery first and then go on your tour. Lets jump in to some details so you know how to make this experience as amazing as possible.


Here is a little info on pricing. The giraffe tour is the most popular option bar far because this is where you get to meet and feed Stanley the giraffe. The cost of this tour is $96 per person and includes a taste of six different wines, an hour and forty-five minute tour, and complimentary crackers and spread. The cost of the tour is per person, so this is why I say DON’T BRING THE KIDS! Make this an enjoyable adult day out. If bringing the kids is something that has to happen, then you can opt for the family tour. This tour is $55 per person and includes a tasting of two wines for everyone of age, lemonade for kids, an hour-long tour, and an animal feeding. This tour does not include feeding the giraffe, so keep that in mind. I personally would splurge for the giraffe tour because the experience was so neat.

Make sure to arrive AT LEAST forty-five minutes in advance to your tour time. Keep in mind that the safari is in the middle of the hills in Malibu. Traffic is always going to be a little backed up around that area. Leave wherever you are with plenty of extra time because the tour will leave without you if you’re late to it. If you arrive shortly after your tour has left, they will drive you out to catch up with everyone. You will of course miss out on what everyone else had already seen and done. If you are late to your tour by an extreme amount, then….that’s it. There aren’t any refunds given to people for being late. So AGAIN be. on. time!

When you arrive you’re going to head to the wooden shack that’s pictured above to check yourself in. When you get inside, they will have you sign a waiver and get your tour wristband. There are also complimentary waters inside, so grab one for when your out on the tour.


Take note of this sign! the tour guides that take you out on the amazing tour do accept tips. Bring some extra cash or ask for their Venmo information so you can give them an appreciation tip. They do an amazing job at guiding the tour and not making the experience feel rushed.


This is your awesome safari car that you go out on the ranch in. Let me just tell you it’s HOT out there, so bring sunscreen! Tip number 2,000 for this tour, EAT BEFORE!!! you’re out in the hot sun, drinking wine, and probably going to the winery after. Neither place has food and you’re high up on the hill. Eat a heavy meal before you head out and make sure you have a DD or take an uber!


There are three white wines that are taken on the tour with you and then at the last stop get to try three different reds. The wines are selected by the tour guides each day, so wines that you try on one tour might be different another time around. They also take different tour routes of the property. This makes it to where you can go on the tour a few different times and get a different experience than the first time around. At each stop, the tour guides will give you some different facts about the location and then let you go off and experience that area. You can take a bunch of pictures, feed the animals, and ask them questions.




Feeding the animals was seriously so much fun! The animals are all extremely friendly and have been handled by humans since they were young. You don’t have to worry about any of them biting you or being aggressive.


I was BEYOND excited the feed the zebra. LOOK AT HIM!! I obviously had to tease him with lettuce so he would pay attention to me.




Oh yea I fed him with like lady and the tramp and I think we both enjoyed every second of it……


I even got a little Stanley tongue action and I was surprised to say the least!


The final stop is where everyone will get served the above crackers and spread options. The olive dip is to DIE for! You can sit and enjoy your crackers and spread while enjoying the last tastings of red wine. Don’t forget that you are able to purchase the spreads, bottles of wine, and tons more inside of the gift shop.


Once your tour is over….Don’t stop! Because why would you? Head on over to the winery via their shuttle. The shuttle is the easiest way to get there because their isn’t a parking lot available. Friday-Sunday the winery has a bunch of fun things like this adorable flower crown pop up shop by cake and punch.



I highly recommend grabbing one of these and letting the girls design one for you! They have so many cute flowers and designs that they can create.



After you get your crown, head on over to dream pops and snag a yummy popsicle!




My level of happiness (and drunkness) in this picture is too much to handle! Seriously though everyone splurge on an awesome day in Malibu and go check out these places because I’m OBSESSED

xoxo Ashley

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