Malibu beach swing


image1.jpegBefore I begin this post on how to get to this swing I have to note IT IS PRIVATE!! The swing is located at the end of a strip of houses on El Matador beach. Please be respectful about that fact that this is someones property. If you want to go to the swing, just go take some quick pictures. Don’t go set up all your beach stuff over there and stay for hours. If you do that, there shouldn’t be any problem.


The beach you’re going to want to go to is El Matador beach in Malibu. Type the beach name in to google maps and this is exactly where it will take you. The sign is hard to see when you’re driving, so pay close attention to where it’s at. You will drive down and there is a small parking lot that has enough space for maybe twenty cars. If you can’t find parking, then just go back up and park on the street area. The parking lot does require that you pay! I didn’t notice this at all. There is a porta potty right before you go down to the beach and next to that is the pay station. A ranger comes around every hour, so make sure you have your ticket displayed in your car window. Once you finish paying walk down towards the beach were you’ll find a set of stairs.


Go down this set of stairs and go LEFT! The right side of the beach is just ocean and the left side has the houses. Look for the side with the houses.


These are the houses you’re going to want to look for. Make sure you set all your beach stuff up BEFORE you go back behind the houses. There is a small rope that says private, so set everything up before that area.


I got a yummy salad and mango iced tea from Health Nut for my beach lunch.


You’re going to walk around these houses to the very last house on the strip. The swing is not noticeable from far away and I actually missed it the first time I walked down there.

image2-11.jpegLook for this large wooden hut and the swing is on the other side of it!

Snag a couple of awesome pictures and then be respectful and head back to the public part of the beach.

This area and beach is so gorgeous! Have fun adventuring, dolls.

xoxo Ashley


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