How to do a juice cleanse RIGHT!

Pressed juice #3There are so many amazing benefits to doing a juice cleanse, but the key is to do the cleanse correctly. Let me just be 100% honest with ya….. a cleanse is NOT fun and NOT easy! If you haven’t ever done a cleanse before, then you NEED NEED to start off slow. I can’t stress that enough. Here are some tips and tricks to do prior to starting your cleanse.

  • Drink a ton of water a few days leading up to your cleanse 
  • Do NOT eat a bunch of junk before your cleanse and instead swap out that candy bar for some veggies
  • Stay away from caffeinated drinks and coffee (sorry coffee addicts) 
  • Stay away from processed foods 
  • Exercise as much as possible prior to the cleanse 

The reason the above suggestions are so important is because you will be shocking your body by doing a cleanse. If you are used to eating junk all day and then one day decide to do a cleanse, it will be very difficult to be successful. There are a ton of benefits to doing cleanses such as

  • Small amounts of weight loss (and I mean SMALL!) a juice cleanse will not make you shed five pounds, but it can help boost your metabolism. This is why I suggest exercising as much as possible leading up to the cleanse to get the full benefits if you are trying to do it for weight loss
  • More energy 
  • Getting rid of toxins in the body 
  • Suppressed appetite 
  • Glowing skin 

It’s important to do a cleanse on days where you will be relaxing and hanging out at home. Reasons I love to be at home? Ummmm I’m filling my body with a shit ton of vitamins which means S.H.I.T! Literally…. It’s rough, but hey it helps get the garbage out of your body. Cleansing can cause moodiness, fatigue, and headaches which means don’t exercise and put a ton of pressure on your body while doing one. The less energy you use the better!

If this is your first time doing a cleanse, or you haven’t done one for a while than just start with a single day cleanse. Your goal is to work up to a three-day cleanse which reaps the most benefits. Pressed juicery is a great place to grab your juice cleanse because they have a whole menu that shows you what cleanses they offer. The menu also labels them based on beginners or experienced. The staff in each location in super helpful and tells you what to do and which order to drink your juices in.

pressed juice menu


Cleanses are $39.50 for a single day and $129 for a three-day. I’ll be going through a single day cleanse with you guys using the cleanse #3 from Pressed juicery. Can we all just take a quick moment to realize that their menu says they have cleanses from 1-7 days?! WHAT. THE. FUCK! 7 days is basically like kill me now.


Pressed juice #1

The First juice you start with is a greens 1 which I think is delicious. I try to hold off on starting my cleanse as late as possible in the day. Six juices and two waters for one day can be hard for people because we are used to eating heavier meals that are more filling. Starting your cleanse later in the day means you can drink your juices closer together instead of having to spread them far apart.

Pressed citrus #2

Th second juice is a citrus 2 made with coconut water. I try to spread this one out about two hours apart from the first juice. I drank juice #1 at 11:00 a.m. and I drank this juice at 1:00 p.m. because by that time I was ready for another.

Pressed juice #3


Juice 3 is a greens 2 that is similar to the first juice, but has ginger added in to it. This is a great juice to flush toxins out of your body. I again spread this one out two hours from the other juice and drank it at 3:00 p.m.

Pressed lavender lemon water

This charcoal water is DELICIOUS! There are two waters included in the cleanse and I space these out differently each time. If I’m feeling like I’m going to cave and have some food, then I grab one of these. This is perfect too because it feels very filling like one of the juices does.

Pressed juice #4

For the 4th juice, we go back to greens 1 and this is one I try to drink at 5 p.m. right after I get off of work. This works great with my schedule because after work I have errands to run and I’m always stuck in traffic. This helps suppress my appetite before my final two juices.

Pressed juice #5

The 5th juice is your final green juice of the cleanse, greens 3. If you haven’t noticed yet, you’re getting A LOT of vitamins, so again be prepared to constantly be using the bathroom. I drink this one pretty quickly after the 4th juice, so normally around 6 p.m. while I’m running errands.

Pressed juice #6

The final juice in the cleanse is a vanilla almond juice. I love drinking this one at around 7 p.m. because its super filling and also tastes like a dessert. This is like your awesome reward at the end of a day full of nothing but veggies.

Pressed chlorophyll water

My final drink of the day is my chlorophyll water. I drink this one right before bed to finish out my cleanse. Chlorophyll has a ton of amazing benefits such as liver detoxification, improved digestion, weight control, protects skin health, and helps fight cancer. By now, you’re probably sick of drinking heavy liquids, so this one is great because it’s a simple water.

After a juice cleanse, make sure to treat your body right and stay on a good healthy diet. Don’t pound down the sugar and carbs. Eat some nice healthy meals and pat yourself on the back for spending a day cleansing!

I’m very into fitness, cooking, and healthy eating. I’m going to try to incorporate that more in to my blog that way you guys can have posts that aren’t always related to fashion and outfit trends.

If you have any questions, or I missed something just let me know!

xoxo Ashley







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