Fall outfit inspiration

Fall outfit inspiration

Finally getting my first blog post up of 2018! I started this blog because of my love for fashion and beauty. I love finding unique clothing pieces and up and coming fashion companies. It seemed appropriate that I make my first post of the year and outfit of the day.

ootd 3.jpg

ootd 2.jpg

ootd 4.jpgootd 1.jpgOOTD!.jpg

I love a good hat, especially when I have a bad hair day. I’ll link what I can below, but this hat was bought a few months ago, so I’m not sure if it will still be available.

Click to buy moto jacket

Click to buy bodysuit

Hat is from Zara, but I can’t find it anywhere!

Click to buy shoes~shoes are not identical, but similar and same brand as the ones I am wearing.

xoxo Ashley




Alfred Tea Room

Alfred Tea Room

Happy day after Fourth of July to all you beautiful people. I hope you all had an amazing and safe day yesterday. Todays blog post is on the newest and cutest tea room, Alfred. For those of you who don’t know it is the sister store to Alfred Coffee. They have various different coffee locations throughout the Los Angles area that are all very popular. In an effort to satisfy customer needs and branch out to a new customer base, Alfred coffee decided to open a tea room. The tea room is located on Melrose avenue, just a block away from the Alfred coffee location also on Melrose. The Tea room opened in May and since then has had nothing but amazing success. So far there is only one store location, but I predict more opening up in the near future. The whole theme is pink and girly, so naturally I’m obsessed. Continue reading “Alfred Tea Room”