A watch worth loving

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I never was a watch girl growing up and by that I mean I didn’t see the point it wearing one. My cell phone was glued to my hand and there was a clock in all of my classrooms. Why wear another time piece of my watch right? Well as I got older, that idea changed. My cell phone couldn’t always be on me 24/7 and clocks just aren’t around in each corner of a room. I started to slowly add watches in as one of my go to fashion accessories. The fun part about watches is stacking them with different bracelets. It’s like putting together an outfit for your wrist! CUTE! Check out their website to see some of their watch options!Click for Jord Watch homepage

Jord was always a company that had attracted me. Their watches are super unique and not something you see on every. single. person. I love finding accessories, shoes, and clothing, that not everyone has. I think it helps attract people to new companies and makes you stand out. I also love that they can size your watch for you and send you the additional links. As you can see, I have wrists the size of a new-born baby, so arm candy can get a little tricky for me. I also love the way they package their products. I’m a huge sucker for good packaging because I think it’s important. It shows the care and dedication that a business puts in to their presentation. Opening packages is basically the best part of my day. When I open something I want it to have that WOW factor and I think Jord has accomplished that.



So far I’ve worn my watch to spin class, work, and the farmers market of course. I’m there every damn Sunday, but that’s besides the point. Each time I’ve worn this baby out and about, I’ve had someone ask me about it. Click to snag my Jord watch The watch looks 10 times better than some junk from target. Another thing that attracted me to the brand was their mens watches that they offer. I’m always on the hunt for cool gifts for my man, but he can be picky when it comes to his fashion. You won’t ever catch him wearing a $10 watch from target that’s for sure. His reaction when he first saw the Jord watch….. “Wow that’s actually a super cool looking watch, I’m impressed.”


You will never EVER see me partner with a company or product that I truly don’t love. If I have partnered with someone it is because I like their product, company, and service. I have turned down many partnerships because I don’t think the product/ company matches with me. My collaborations are always genuine and honest, which I think is important for bloggers. I’ve seen many bloggers collaborate with companies to promote products simply for the financial gain. I feel that it’s disingenuous and makes it hard to trust bloggers opinions. I ALWAYS want my followers to trust me and what I choose to share. XOXO 

Just had to share that little piece of information because I think it is important. I had the opportunity to partner with Jord and do a giveaway for all of my followers. I’m super excited to do this because now all of you can enter for a chance to get $100 off a purchase of a Jord watch! This is a GREAT opportunity to get yourself a watch, or a gift for someone!


Click to enter the giveaway 

Giveaway is open NOW until March 18th! Click the link, enter your email, and DONE!


I’m very excited to do this giveaway for all of my amazing followers! I plan to do plenty more in the future, so stay tuned. Good luck to everyone who enters!

xoxo Ashley


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3 thoughts on “A watch worth loving

  1. Wow! I love hearing that! I agree I really love their use of wood because it’s rare to see these days. Not to mention a wood watch that’s such great quality.

  2. This is a totally stunning watch! Thanks to you I have to say I am a fan of this brand now too. Their range are just mind-blowing in their style and originality. The fact that they go for wood is something I sure can more than appreciate.

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