We Love Coco

Chanel is without a doubt my favorite luxury designer brand. The label just screams luxury. The company is perfection from their handbags down to their makeup. Chanel just opened their doors to the public for a four-day beauty event. The event took place at the iconic House on Sunset. To say this event was amazing is a complete understatement, it was a dream. I’m kind of wondering when/how I can move here and stay forever.


The event was called put on red and attack! Of course I had to wear my best red heels and Chanel bag in support.


When you first walk in, you are greeted with a map of the house as well as a drink. Each room has a unique theme that goes along with their new launch.


The white and black tiled floor with a neon Coco Chanel sign is the first thing you see when you come in. I kind of feel like I need this neon sign in my house, anyone else?


Right around the corner is a wall full of fun Chanel photos that leads you to the bar and game room. Fun Fact: No alcohol was at the bar, so that’s basically the only disappointing thing that happened. I was eager for a vodka soda or glass of rosé, but the water just had to do.


Now lets talk about this poker table. OH MY GAHHHHH! I need a woman cave and this needs to be in it to make it complete.


I’ve got my poker face on because were betting on Chanel people! Just kidding there’s actually like twenty other women waiting in line for me to hurry the F*ck up with all my pictures.


The next room is a super white and bright room where you can play with a ton of Chanel products. You can also rearrange things to make a fun flat lay. Side bar! I LOVE the Chanel glosses. They are pigmented and long-lasting, which is hard to find in a lip gloss.


This wall was also full of cool polaroids of some Chanel beauty products.


This room was very on theme with the red lights, tables, and products.


You could try on some samples of the red lipsticks and step in to the Chanel booth for photos. The photo booth took pictures of JUST your lips and displayed them on the wall next to the products.


Before you head to the backyard area for a lipstick touch up, you’re hit with this cool neon sign. I swear this event made me realize how that I need a neon sign somewhere in my house. Chanel what are you doing with that sign when the event ends? Hit your girl up!


Also this table STOP! full of Chanel beauty products and the Chanel coffee table books.

IMG_5514 2.jpg

The backyard has some tents set up with makeup artists’ ready to test products on you. You can change your lipstick, do a touch up, or buy some products. You can also grab a popsicle and sit and enjoy the Los Angeles air.


Beauty tent in the backyard.



The Chanel closet is serious goals! I’m actually really eyeballing these hangers right now. I feel like my closet won’t be complete without them in there.


Into the bathroom we go! I’m sure many of you have seen pictures of the bathroom all over social media. The Chanel towels are definitely being added to my birthday wish list.



A Chanel tub full of pearls? Okayyyyy!!! I really wanted a Museum of Ice Cream experience (See travel section for the post if you havent seen it) but that was not going to happen. I tried to lay in the tub for a gram pic and was quickly denied. A sitting on the edge photo was just going to have to do.


Again there was like twenty women watching me take photos. Talk about uncomfortable!


The mirror in this bathroom was SO COOL! You could grab one of the lipsticks and write what you wanted on the mirror. It was like all computerized, so everyone got a chance to do it.

One room that I went in to, but forgot to snag pics was the pink room. It was a bedroom with dark pink lights and a mirror above the bed. The line to take pictures on the bed was INSANE and I needed a glass or rosé, soooo that was that. This was by far the coolest event I’ve ever been too and I can’t wait to continue sharing more with you guys!

xoxo Ashley

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