Los Angeles Instagram worthy restaurants Part 2!

Part one of the Instagram worthy restaurants just clearly wasn’t enough. There are so many places in Los Angeles, so part two was necessary! If you haven’t read part one and want to, it’s under my travel tab! You can also just search it on my blog to get to it quicker.


The Henry 2.jpg

The Henry 

Address: 120 N Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Probably one of my favorite restaurants in all of Los Angeles is The Henry. The place has everything you’re looking for or could ever want in a restaurant. The outdoor bar seating (pictured above) is perfect for grabbing a drink and lounging around. There is also a huge patio that wraps around the building as well as seating inside. You get the point, loads of seating options!


  • On the weekends there is a Bloody Mary/ mimosa cart that you can request. They bring it to your table and you can pick the different things to put in it. So fun!
  • The Truffle fries and truffle cheese with a pretzel is actual heaven. Order them and thank me later.
  • Make reservations! They get extremely crowded on the weekends even with the ample seating.

Dream Hollywood.jpg


The Highlight Room at the Dream Hollywood 

Address: 6417 Selma Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Los Angeles hotels seem to have some of the best restaurants in town. The Highlight room is a fairly new restaurant just off of Hollywood Boulevard in the Dream Hollywood hotel. The picture of the white marble bar is the lobby area to the hotel. Super cute for a photo-op! The second photo is of the Highlight Room restaurant.


  • This is a place you really want to get reservations for! They book up fast because the place is relatively new and super popular.
  • Ask for a table against the far window for a view of the Hollywood sign while you eat.
  • Parking is tricky in this area since it’s right off of Hollywood Boulevard. There is a bunch of metered parking that normally has a two-hour time limit so op for this if you can. Valet is expensive here so I wouldn’t do that. There are some parking lots in the area that normally charge $15 for the whole day. If you’re wanting to adventure before or after I would park in one of those areas.


Beauty and Essex.jpg

Beauty and Essex

Address: 1615 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Beauty and Essex is such a fun place to go to with a group of people. The menu style is sharable plates in smaller portions. You can order a bunch of stuff off of the menu and basically try a bite of everything. The restaurant is located in an alley that’s actually right next to the Highlight Room. You enter in what looks like a pawn shop and the person at the front will direct you back the restaurant. I decided to sit on the patio rather than inside because the patio is adorable!


  • Yet again another place to get reservations in advance because they fill up quickly. If you want to sit on the patio make sure to request that when you make a reservation. I noticed a bunch of people giving up their tables inside to wait for a table on the patio. There are also heat lamps outside in case it’s cold.
  • The Grilled Cheese Dumplings are a MUST! I can’t even describe how good these are you just have to try them.
  • Parking is insane in this area since again, it’s next to Hollywood Boulevard. Look for meters, cheap parking lots, or Uber here so avoid dealing with a car. There is an insane amount of bars in the area, so Uber if you can so you can go bar hop!

Conservatory 1.jpg

Thr Conservatory 2.jpg

Conservatory 3.jpg

The Conservatory

Address: 8289 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046

The conservatory is another spot I love because it offers so many options in one location. The first picture is of their outdoor cafe area. They have delicious breakfast burritos, coffee, and a cute patio area to lounge at. The second picture is of the restaurant that is both well decorated and has great food. The third picture is of their back bar area to go lounge and snag a drink. I love restaurants that have different environments so I can go eat dinner and then go to the bar but feel like I’m at a completely different place.


  • The outdoor seating on the patio fills up quick so if you’re wanting to grab a coffee and hang out you might want to get their early. The breakfast burritos also sell out fairly quick because they’re delicious and $8 so you can’t beat that.
  • Parking is relatively easy (Can you even say a statement like that when talking about Los Angeles?) with a bunch of residential streets located behind the restaurant that have 2 hour parking or no parking limit at 8 PM.
  • I have to say this is more of a drinks place rather than a place I would recommend for dinner. Nothing on the menu is stand out fantastic, but nothing is terrible is either. I’ve had both the crab cakes and the cobb salad and both were well prepared.




Address: 8820 Washington Blvd, Ste 301, Culver City, CA 90232

Margot is a brand new restaurant that just opened up in Culver City. It’s a great place to grab brunch on the patio during a warm summer day. The space is really well decorated and the staff is fantastic. It is a brand knew place, so reservations fill up quick. If you go during the evening they have heat lamps on the patio or seating inside.


  • Make reservations on Resy in advance and request a table on the patio.
  • The potatoes bravas and Serrano ham and chorizo sandwich were amazing! I would highly recommend,
  • If you drive, they offer free valet parking with validation
  • They don’t allow substitutions on their drink menu (kind of dumb if you ask me) and the menu is mostly Gin which I hate. Just ask your server to make you a cocktail with your alcohol preference because they do have everything on hand. The spritz options are amazing, try one!


If you go to any of these places let me know! I would love to hear what you think of them.

Xx Ashley

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